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At Star Cars Detailing Mobile Car Detailing, we offer a wide-ranging range of detailing solutions to provide for a variety of our customers requirements.


Our detailing packages begin from as low as Rs 2,999 (maintenance mini detail) right through to comprehensive complete details and customized resolutions to meet up the necessities of our customers.


All job is carried out by the latest available techniques and processes to make sure that an exceptionally high standards are accomplished despite of the chosen package. Furthermore, our products are chosen from the industry leading brands to be of the highest class ensuring that they are protected to be used on all kind of paint (old, new, paint protected, matt etc) and interiors (new/old leather). We do not use acids or destructive degreasers as component of our service.


Further to our car detailing packages for Karachi, Pakistan, we also offer a complete range of Paint Correction and Restoration Service also Color Protection and Interior Protection Packages.


Star Cars Detailing Ceramic paint protection treatment for vehicles offering unrivalled strength of gloss and dazzling glances as well as better-quality paint protection to all painted exteriors of your vehicle(s). Superb water repellency capabilities and durability which will last up to 5 years depends on the after care. By having Ceramic Coating Car paint Protection added to your vehicles paintwork there will be no need to wax or polish your vehicle, the ceramic coating will offer that just waxed glossy looks & paint protection for several years even after wash and dry your vehicle.

Star Cars Detailing offering the best Ceramic Paint Protection for your vehicle which offers a protective coating between the elements and your vehicle’s paintwork. The paint will retain its color and contaminants will be wedged out to keep the paint soft and fresh. Unlike waxes & other paint sealants that need regular reapplication, our ceramic coating treatments gives constant, unyielding protection for all of your vehicle’s finish!

Our Ceramic Coating packages are specially designed to provide your vehicle with a durable paint protection to protect it from the elements. Every car paint protection package will give your car unrivalled strength of gloss and stunning looks compared to a standard paintwork conclude.

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